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Veronica, Jason’s wife, is co-founder of Living Blue Apparel.
They met while both serving in the U.S. Navy, and she lived blue alongside him throughout his career in the New York City Police Department.

Mother to their three children, Veronica has learned first-hand the stressors that come along with being a police wife.

Veronica is the creator behind the company’s name and what became the title of Jason’s newly released book, Living Blue.
Veronica Palamara
Jason M. Palamara is a U.S. Navy Veteran having served in US “Operation Noble Anvil” [NATO “Operation Allied Force”] aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. He is a retired New York City Police Department Cold Case Homicide Detective with twenty- years of experience in forensic and criminal investigations. Jason has served as a peer support counselor with the NYPD and currently serves as a volunteer crisis intervention counselor with the Long Island Crisis Center. He is also a John C. Maxwell certified life coach, teacher, speaker and trainer. Jason is the director of Veteran & First Responder Engagement for a behavioral healthcare company. His mission is to connect with and serve his fellow First Responder and Veteran communities ensuring the care they need is always available to them. Jason co-authored Living Blue, a book on police wellness and resilience with Barbara Rubel.
Jason M. Palamara
Suzanne Bergmann, LCSW  is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma, nightmares, emotion regulation, and sleep. She has over 10 years of experience providing mental health services to Veterans and First Responders as both a Federal Social Worker at the U.S. Veterans Health Administration and in the private sector.  Suzanne is a strong advocate of expanding access to specialized support and services that address the unique mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional needs of officers and veterans.

More information about Suzanne and her services can be found here: www.suzannebergmann.com
Suzanne Bergmann, LCSW

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